Future Events

This year it is our great pleasure to invite you to the auditions for the Christmas panto of Aladdin being held at


South Harrow Baptist Church, 270 Northolt Road, South Harrow, HA2 8EB

 Tuesday 12th July 6:30-8:30pm & Thursday 14th July 6:30-8:30pm

No time slot needed, just turn up during those times. Auditions are open to all, but you must buy membership in order to perform if successful.


Rehearsals will be one night a week throughout September and October, but will then pick up in November and as we approach show week in December to two nights a week. Rehearsal nights will likely be Tuesday and Thursday but are subject to change. Please consider your availability as you will be asked to detail any conflicts at auditions so that rehearsals can be planned accordingly. Show dates: 16th-18th December.


Below we have listed the speaking Characters in the Pantomime this year. Audition pieces can be provided at auditions

  • Aladdin (Male or Female): 138 Lines, 2 songs

Our hero, a young man. Brave, energetic, handsome, regular hero qualities, nice guy. Should have good comedy timing and be able to sing.


  • Wishee Washee (Male or Female): 75 Lines

Is Widow Twanky’s elder son.  He frequently gives as good as he gets.  He is most at ease when chatting with his friends …. the audience.


  • The Widow Twanky (Dame – Male): 76 Lines, 1 song

Aladdin and Wishee’s Mother she runs the town Launderette, constantly complains of being overworked but really does very little, gives out a lot, strong, brash character, loud and in your face, good comedy timing essential, should be able to hold a tune.


  • Princess Jasmine (Female): 80 Lines, 2 songs

A beautiful, innocent young lady, Al’s love interest, must have enough strength to stand up for herself at times. Must be able to sing.


  • Lotus Blossom (Female): 9 Lines

Loyal aide and confidant to Princess Jasmine. Quietly shocked at the Princess’s urge to be independent but always willing to keep her secrets safe.

  •  Abanazar (Male): 65 Lines

Is the traditional ‘baddy’ with an overwhelming lust for power.  He is highly intelligent and this makes him a lethal adversary.  He is sly, calculating and utterly ruthless.  He should be played with fiendish relish


  • Slave of the Ring (Female): 17 Lines

A lovely comedy character who likes to answer back to Abanazar whenever she gets the chance. Must be a confident character able to hold her own on stage.


  •   Hi & Lo (Male or Female): Hi 25 Lines – Lo 25 Lines

Comedy timing essential and chemistry between the two needed. They are both fairly simple but what they lack in intelligence they make up for in enthusiasm. They are fast moving, quick talking, self-important – but completely useless


  •  Genie (Male): 23 Lines, 1 song

Should be a Woody Allen/ Roger Dangerfield type character, a sarcastic comedian that has a comment or a gag for all occasions, a real showman. Can go from big and brash, to sharp and sarcastic quickly.  Comedy timing essential. Must be able to sing.


  •  Empress (Female): 19 Lines

She is far too overprotective of his daughter and wants to choose her husband-to-be for her. She never lets her out of her sight and wants to be able to control her. She is domineering yet only wants the best for her daughte

  •  Herald (Male or Female): 8 Lines

Is always with the Empress to announce her arrival and has short interaction with Widow Twanky


  •  Crowd Member 1 & 2: 1: 6 Lines  – 2: 6 Lines

Part of the crowd interaction with Aladdin and catch out Aladdin and Wishee as frauds


  •   Policeman 1 & 2 (kids): 1: 14 Lines  – 2: 13 Lines

Chase after Aladdin and small interaction with Widow Twanky


  •   Genie Dancers (kids) – Needed for dance with Genie’s song


We look forward to seeing you all and look forward to making an amazing pantomime. If you have any questions please email Director Anant Joshi at: anant007joshi@hotmail.com

Bi-Monthly Meetings

Our next meeting will take place on:

SUNDAY 8th May 2022 @ 6pm, via Zoom


Please contact us if you're interested in attending!

Future meetings:  TBC

Future Online Events

​During the pandemic, we at The Hillplayers have endeavoured to continue to bring theatre to Harrow-on-the-Hill! In addition to our virtual pantomime last December, we're eager to host more online events in the future including play readings and theatrical get-togethers. 


Watch this space for future online events! And if you have an idea of an event such as a play reading you'd like to be a part of, please get in touch via the contact section of this website or via one of our social media pages.